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About Us

RG Productions

We are focused on raising the level of all visuals. Whether that's for small to large businesses social media content, course creation, films VFX and well, anything! 


Ruthless Graphics Productions

Hi My name is Ryan Robertson


We specialize in VFX, movie posters, videography & infographics. 


We help filmmakers, directors, and producers take their action, adventure, and sci-fi films to the next level with EPIC special effects that make your viewers WOW!  Your movie posters will stand out from the crowd and pull people into the box office. 


You could say I (Ryan Robertson) am a bit of a daredevil. I like to push the edge on what is possible and have always been up for a challenge. My love for martial arts, cool moves, performing stunts and a BIG love of marvel films has me making my life an action movie. 


This passion gives me a keen eye and a broad imagination for dreaming of the impossible and making that possible throughout the explosive and magical special effects and artistry in your production.


What we cover here at RGP:

Video Editing.

Video Advertising.

Motion Graphics.

Graphic Design.

Logo Design.

Thumbnail design.

Poster design.


3D Compositing.

Meet the team

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