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Services & General Pricing

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Graphic design

We create infographics, thumbnails, cut outs, logo design, movie posters and way more.


Maybe you need movie posters or book covers created for your upcoming film or book?


Using adobe software and having a creative mind goes hand in hand when you want your poster, book covers, thumbnails and content to stand out from the crowd.

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video editing

We use Adobe software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro & After Effects to composite videos and VFX tailored to your specifications.


Whether that is for everyday content on social media, course content, bringing audio to life through visuals, advertising and more!!


Maybe you're a producer looking for someone like us...


We want you to have, from the opening scene to the very end, a film that people walk away thinking "damn!!, what a blockbuster".

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You want to capture that scene in slow motion, on the move or with a green screen?

We can do it!


Filming on site is a great way to capture the right angles and story for your production.


We will work fast and efficiently to capture your story to keep it on an affordable budget.


This will ensure good quality sound & image for the best possible production.


Let's take your content to the next level!

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3d compositing

We do 3D compositing to bring the the elements into your scene or film than can't be done with realistic props. From aircrafts, city's, grenades, spaceships and well, anything you can think of or need.

Let us help you make the epic scene you need for your film. 

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Check out our comprehensive packages:

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Bronze Package: 

Great for small Business

$450.00 USD 


This grants you 10 hours of work from our professional team.

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Silver Package:

Great for large business

$1,000.00 USD 


This grants you 25 hours of work from our professional team.

gold box png.png

Gold Package:

Great for major companies

$1,575.00 USD


This grants you 45 hours of work from our professional team.


How Ruthless Graphics Productions (RGP) will take your business/company to the next level

Making the impossible - POSSIBLE


We here at RGP are the one-stop-shop that you have been praying for.

No longer do you have to spend hours searching, interviewing, and hiring individual contractors that cost you your precious time and money!

In this ever-evolving world we live in, we want you to succeed, we want you to stand out and stand proud with your offerings!

Let us support you in keeping on brand, on time, on point, and on the leading edge of your industry with high-quality visuals and innovative,

exciting and engaging, moving content that captures the heart and the mind of your soul mate clients and audience.



( WhatsApp: +62 813 5355 4710 ) 

The services that are included in these packages are:


Graphic design /Photoshop editing.

  • ON BRAND and magnetic - IG thumbnails.

  • Infographics that capture and provide value to your audience.

  • BRANDED cover images, YouTube covers, Facebook banners - That speak to your clients and are in alignment with your company's values and vision.

  • We offer adjustments to images with color, text & basic photomanipulation to enhance you visually.

  • Have your event images, flyers etc.... created to fill your events.


Video editing.

Make your content attractive and high end. We edit and enhance everything.

  • Podcast videos.

  • Workshops.

  • Webinars.

  • Course videos.

  • Engaging and exciting adverts to convert clients.

  • Turn your already hard work content into highlight clips for social media and save time.

  • Clean up your audio to industry level standards.

  • Colour correct your videos which make them pop and get noticed.

  • We add intros\ outros, CTA's to ensure a high level of professionalism.


Motion graphics.

  • High end adverts. - This takes your advertising and marketing to the next level visually. This has you being a cut above the rest.

  • Intros, outros and logo reveals to help identify your brand to your client so they remember who you are.

  • Animation - from basic to advanced animation allows your videos to be highly attention-grabbing and professional.


  • Explosions, dust, lasers, green screen removal & way more!

  • 3D elements compositing, 3D world building (contact for more details).


We will share our knowledge along the way to help you create and uplift your company and brand.

We are a dedicated team that doesn’t want your brand to be just okay and get drowned out in the crowd.

We want you to have the best!

To shine through with a high standard so that you level up your business to reach its full potential.

Let us work our creative magic so that you can focus on yours and take your business and company to new heights.

We are in your corner!!

ENQUIRE NOW  ( WhatsApp: +62 887 385 1366)




All packages include access to all of our services above. This means no need to hire multiple professionals and overpay on individual

projects, and individual people that don’t understand your unique vision and brand values


3 Month contract (Hours are to be used within 3 months of start date).

Billing payment in advance before work commences.


Packages prices may increase > Keep the same rate for the respected contract with no price increase by signing up for a longer period.

Individual service pricing

Our services and pricing:


$37.00 USD p/ hour - Graphic design.


$250.00 - $500.00 USD - Movie poster / Book & Game cover design.


Starting at $130.00 USD - Menu & flyer design.


$400.00 USD - Minimalistic Logo design.


$52.00 USD p/ hour - video editing.


$57.00 USD p/ hour - Motion graphics.

Quoted per contract - Custom sound design & music.


Quoted per contract - VFX, 3D compositing, Logo stings & Movie trailers.


$320.00 USD p/ half day - Videography (1 - 4 hours)

$600.00 USD p/ day - Videography (4 - 8 hours)


We can also work on a project based rate if requested.



We are the ONE STOP SHOP for all your content needs. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients walk away happy.

This also means there is NO NEED to hire multiple professionals and overpay on individual projects, and individual people that don’t

understand your unique vision and brand values.


Contact us today to see how we can help

WhatsApp: +62 813 5355 4710

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